Cure for Cancer Found in 1931

Cure for cancer found in 1931.
Written by Georgi Karalov
Yes, you read correctly. The person famous for discovering this is Dr Otto Heinrich Warburg. He discovered that our cells rely on one particular element and if that element is reduced in any way then the cell will transmute to protect itself and will choose a derivative of the element instead.

To make sure that cells are getting enough of this element we need to eliminate anything in our environment or our blood stream that will prevent this element from being processed to the fullest extent.

If you are surrounded by toxic substances or eat and drink things containing ingredients that are toxic, your cells may be prevented from processing this element and need to transmute into cancer cells to survive.

So what is this element?


That’s it. Now if you were dying of cancer and you went to a doctor and they said ‘breathe more and breather deeper and breathe cleaner air’ and you lived in a polluted area where you regularly covered your mouth and breathed slower to survive, you’d reject his or her advice outright! You’d want some injection or radiotherapy or something produced by Big Pharma.

But if you look at how cancer develops, it develops in parts of the body that don’t get much oxygen (breast cancer/colon cancer) and it develops in bodies that are sedentary (elderly). For example, most children do not get cancer (unless caused by some other effect like high levels of electromagnetic radiation or other types of radiation) and most old people do.

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Children run around all day and definitely take in a lot of oxygen. A lot of old people can barely move and are stuck in wheel chairs or in retirement homes in stuffy rooms and beds without adequate ventilation.

Obviously this is an extreme generalisation as a lot of other things have been proven to affect your susceptibility to cancer – breast cancer gene in the family for example – other physiological ailments, even your mindset can all attract or repel cancer. Every person is different. But generally, an increase in oxygen can only be beneficial.

O2.Now, if a cell can’t get oxygen (O), what does it start doing? It transmutes to start using the next available thing – Carbon Dioxide (CO2) This allows the cell to change into something that relies on sugar. It’s well known that cancer cells loves sugar as they ferment it. It’s not as well known that they also love carbon dioxide.

Interestingly all our fizzy drinks contain carbon dioxide. I wonder if there is any correlation between soft drink drinkers and cancer patients?

In any case, I highly recommend that you increase your exercise (more oxygen) breathe deeply when meditating (more oxygen) reduce the amount of toxins your body is receiving (increasing the ability of the cells to process the oxygen) and try to reduce the shallowness of your normal breathing if you’re working at a computer.

What other cures have you heard of that simple oxygen can help with?

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