How To Clear Your Mind For Meditation – 7 Tips For Mindfulness

How to clear your mind for meditation? 7 tips for mindfulness.
Written by Georgi Karalov
Meditation is an excellent way to unwind, relieve stress, and gain insight into your inner-self.

However, prior to meditation, you need to clear your mind in order to achieve maximum relaxation.

Clearing the mind can help you to learn more about yourself and be stress-free.

The process of clearing your mind may seem challenging, particularly when you need to do it to prepare yourself for meditation.

But with the help of the following tips, you can easily clear your mind for meditation.

Avoid Distracting Thoughts

Thoughts, or the “ego”, are probably the biggest hurdle you face in learning to clear your mind for meditation.

Forget about the ego.Distracting thoughts are basically shadows that don’t reflect the truth of the matter, so don’t give them too much attention.

It may have been important to consider such thoughts at a particular time, but if they become burdensome, then you need to set them aside.

Even if it’s just for a moment, permit yourself to give up any distracting thoughts. Just give your mind the command that you are not worried about anything at the moment.

Write Down a To-Do List

Sometimes the mind is consumed with pending things you need to do.

Write down a to-do list.This can really affect your ability to remain present and focused during meditation.

To help clear your mind for meditation, write a to-do list before meditating and ensure you capture everything that you need to prioritize. Promise yourself that you’ll get back to the list later.

This will help to remove thoughts about the must-dos in your mind and allow you to concentrate purely on clearing your mind for meditation.

Find a Peaceful Place

Meditation should be done in a quiet and peaceful environment where you can concentrate fully.

You can choose a room in your home, a nearby park, or any other place free of distractions, such as loud pets, small children or ringing phones.

Ensure the place you choose connects with you and gives you a sense of peace, comfort and serenity, be it the bedroom, the attic, the basement, next to a swimming pool or even under a shady tree on a warm summers day.

Relaxing Your Body

Start by relaxing your body before you get into deep imagination.

Body relaxation works wonders in relaxing the mind and calming racing thoughts.

Relax your body.There are numerous natural relaxation techniques that take little time to practice, deliver almost instant results and cost nothing.

Performing a few relaxation techniques also helps you maintain a positive attitude.

Consider the following relaxation techniques to help clear your mind for meditation.


Walking: a brisk walk allows you to enjoy some fresh air, which clears your mind and releases tension in the body.


Visualizing: use creative visualization to imagine yourself in calm, tranquil surroundings, include all your senses.


Napping: napping reduces stress, keeps the heart healthy and repairs aching muscles in the body.


Laughter: you can listen to a comedian, watch a funny movie clip or even talk to a funny friend.


Green Tea: drinking a cup of green tea can help to lower cholesterol and soothe the body.

Get Yourself Comfortable

Place a soft rug, towel or mat on the ground.

Get yourself comfortable.Sit on it Indian-style or any other position that you are comfortable with whilst sitting on your bottom.

Maintain that posture with the back straight, shoulders back and head up.

Place your arms on your knees with the palms facing up or in the lap with the hands clasped.

Now breathe in and out slowly.

You will start feeling relaxed.

If you find the traditional pose for meditation uncomfortable, then consider using a prop like a chair or cushions.

Counting Your Breaths

Counting your breaths allows you to focus on your breathing, rather than your thoughts. If any thought crosses your mind, recognize it, but forget it and continue to use your breathe as an object of concentration.

Start from the number one and continue to count with each breathing cycle. As you continue to count, you will realize that the counting fades as your mind enters a state of calmness, and you shift awareness.

Do These Exercises Daily

Meditate daily.As with anything, the more you practice meditation, the more mastery you’ll gain.

If you spare some time every day to clear your mind and relax your body, you will get better at doing it every time.

After some time, blocking out the external world, cultivating the art of mindfulness, and clearing your mind for meditation will become easy. Practice these tips twice a day, for 20 minutes, for the next 30 days and you will be meditating like a monk in no time.

Bringing It All Together

Perform the exercise in a comfortable, warm environment, change into comfortable clothing, and clear your mind of worry prior to meditation by making a to-do list.

During meditation, ensure that your body is completely relaxed, practice deep breathing exercises, and count your breathing cycles to help you maintain concentration.

There are many ways you can clear your mind for meditation. Try out the techniques discussed above, and you will definitely like the results.

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